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Businesses proposing innovative developments may be eligible for financial support or tax concessions from the Canton of Schaffhausen. The purpose of this support is to strengthen the economy.

Companies based in Schaffhausen – including new businesses and start-ups – can apply for grant funding or tax concessions as long as they meet the following criteria:

  • Significant economic impact on the Canton of Schaffhausen
  • The creation of new or maintenance of existing jobs
  • A clear strategy which underpins the proposal
  • The proposed activity must exclusively or primarily serve markets outside the 
    immediate locality
  • Employment regulations must be observed

The Governing Council of the Canton of Schaffhausen will determine the scope and duration of support. The package of support will be set out in an agreement with the applicant which also stipulates the company’s obligations.

We are here to assist you to develop your idea into a detailed proposal and to ensure it is submitted appropriately. Contact us!

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Economic Promotion
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