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The Schaffhausen SME Business Forum (KMU Wirtschaftsforum) provides access to practical information and knowledge drawn from the hands-on practice of running a business, passes on the experience acquired by specialist service providers and liaises with the representatives of business groups and government bodies in the region.

Organisation structure
The Schaffhausen SME Business Forum is backed by a number of business groups as well as representatives of the local administration in Schaffhausen. The Forum’s agenda is set by a Policy Group comprising representatives of the Cantonal Trades Association (KGV), the Canton’s Labour Office, the Economic Promotion Team and the local specialist business college, HFW Schaffhausen. Operational management of the Forum is provided by the Economic Promotion Team as part of its remit to support local businesses.

Members of the Policy Group

  • Marcel Fringer, Kantonaler Gewerbeverband KGV
  • Karin Spörli, Kantonaler Gewerbeverband KGV
  • Vivian Biner, Kantonales Arbeitsamt Schaffhausen
  • René Schmidt, Schule für berufliche Aus- und Weiterbildung SBAW
  • Christoph Schärrer, Wirtschaftsförderung Kanton Schaffhausen


Find out more about the events of the SME Business Forum (in German).




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