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Schaffhausen’s eID+: the Canton of Schaffhausen launches digital identity service

The Canton of Schaffhausen and digital specialist Procivis launched a pilot version of Schaffhausen’s eID+ on the Canton’s 2017 eGovernment Day. The electronic ID enables easy and secure access to a wide range of online services provided by the Canton.


Development of the Canton of Schaffhausen’s electronic ID was announced during the summer and went live as a Beta version on 4th December 2017. 180 people attended the launch event which formed part of the 10th eGovernment Day in Schaffhausen and the majority took the opportunity to register with Schaffhausen’s eID+ during the event.


Initially, the pilot version can be used to access Schaffhausen’s Citizens Portal and to use online services such as the Citizen’s Registry Office and the Tax Authorities.


During the pilot phase, which will continue until spring 2018, the range of e-services will be significantly increased. This will include the facility to create a digital signature which will be recognised by the Canton. A further step will examine the integration of ID verification for the Casino in Schaffhausen. Additionally, the Schaffhausen eID+ app will enable citizens to store digital documents on their smartphone so that these are always readily to hand.


The eID+ has been developed by Procivis and is available for smartphones (iOs and Android) enabling citizens to store data in encrypted format on their mobile device. That means the user retains control over their data and decides which services they want to transfer data to. The move makes the Canton of Schaffhausen the first regional government to enable its citizens to use a digital ID.


Click here to read more about the Schaffhausen eID+ (German only).



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