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“Schaffhausen is highly respected on the international stage.”

Swedish cosmetics brand Oriflame set up its first office in Schaffhausen in early 2012. Just three years later, the company moved its global HQ to the city on the banks of the River Rhine.

The Oriflame Cosmetics product range includes skin care, cosmetics and spa treatments as well as perfumes. These are sold directly to the client via a global network of specialists, independent consultants and in online shops. Oriflame sells around 500 million products per year, generating revenues of €1.3 billion.

“The Economic Promotion Team was highly professional in providing assistance as we assessed where we should locate to.”

Gabriel Bennet, Oriflame Cosmetics Director in Schaffhausen.

Relocation to Switzerland proceeded in stages
Although the company’s roots are in Sweden, much of its activity has been driven from Switzerland since the 70’s. Over time, an increasing number of key functions, risks and management posts were transferred to its Swiss offices, located in Schaffhausen and Fribourg. «Relocating our global HQ to Schaffhausen brings our corporate and operational structures into alignment», CFO Gabriel Bennet explains.

“Our global HQ is in Schaffhausen.”

Gabriel Bennet, Oriflame Cosmetics Director in Schaffhausen. 

Oriflame moved its first division to Schaffhausen in early 2012. An important factor in choosing the location was proximity to Zurich’s international airport, just half an hour away. “In addition, Schaffhausen is highly respected on the international stage and is already home to a number of other multinational consumer goods companies”, Bennet outlines. Oriflame have received highly professional support from the Economic Promotion Team in Schaffhausen when it came to identifying suitable premises. Around two years after first moving to Schaffhausen, the company moved into state-of-the-art and spacious offices located in a landmark development right by the city’s railway station. Now the global HQ has been established in Schaffhausen, Bennet anticipates the headcount will grow to around 50 staff in the near future.


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Oriflame Cosmetics AG
Established: 2012
Headcount: 50
Sector: Cosmetics Industry




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