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Attractive corporate tax rates, state-of-the-art business premises at affordable prices and competitive salary levels – companies in Schaffhausen profit from all of these cost benefits. That leaves more to invest in the development of your business.


Attractive Corporate taxation

Several multinational businesses manage their regional or global operations from a base in Schaffhausen, with a wide range of HQ models and operations in place. A key factor in the decision to move to Schaffhausen is frequently the internationally very competitive corporate tax regime, backed by the Canton of Schaffhausen‘s consistent strategy to develop the area as a business location. Schaffhausen aims to cap total corporate tax liability at 12 percent, which will place it among the top business locations globally. Further information on the implementation of tax proposal 17 in the Canton of Schaffhausen can be found in this fact sheet.

In addition to attractive taxes, Businesses in Schaffhausen which focus on innovation can benefit from cantonal support and tax concessions.


Low Costs
Whether you are looking for state-of-the-art offices on the banks of the River Rhine or right by the main railway station, industrial premises with excellent road and rail links or a workspace amidst the charm of the oldtown quarter – Schaffhausen offers a wide range of office and industrial premises at affordable prices. Salary levels in Schaffhausen are also significantly below those in other cantons. That’s a further competitive advantage for businesses here by comparison with those in other locations such as Zurich, Zug and Geneva.



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