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Schaffhausen’s high-tech and service companies benefit from being able to access highly-qualified staff from a catchment area which includes the Zurich area and Southern Germany and several universities.

There are more than two million employees living within an hour of Schaffhausen. The excellent standards of education and training and the above-average international experience of staff here are further benefits the Schaffhausen area offers to employers.

A particular feature of the Schaffhausen area is the high volume of cross-border workers. The bilateral agreements on free movement of labour, concluded between Switzerland and EU/EFTA nations, mean the process of getting cross-border and residence permits from the Migration Office of the Canton of Schaffhausen is fast and straightforward. Work permits for citizens from countries which are not part of the EU or EFTA and cross-border service providers are also handled swiftly by the Labour Office of the Canton of Schaffhausen.


Universities provide a top-class Talent Pool
There are several universities in the vicinity of Schaffhausen, including the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETH), the University of St. Gallen (HSG), a leading business school, and the universities in Basel, Constance (D) and Freiburg (D) which are all less than an hour from Schaffhausen.

Universities and Colleges in the vicinity of Schaffhausen 

Within the Canton of Schaffhausen itself, there are excellent options for Continuous Professional Development. The IPI International Packaging Institute in Schaffhausen is a university institute and the teacher training college is a university-level facility. A university institute based in St. Gallen also runs seminars and courses on Corporate Innovation Management in Schaffhausen.



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