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Schaffhausen’s business service providers and high-tech companies benefit from the local talent pool of highly-skilled staff, access to recruits from the Greater Zurich Area and Southern Germany as well as the availability of highly-qualified graduates from several universities within easy travelling distance.


Schaffhausen encompasses around 2 million employees within an hour’s travel-time. The Canton’s catchment area includes leading universities such as the world-renowned Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH), the University of St Gallen and a number of specialist university-level institutes. Collaborations between specialist local businesses and the public sector are driving the creation of new competence centres in growth areas such as the Internet of Things (IoT), e-mobility and materials and process technologies.


The development of skills and business networks in Schaffhausen is supported by public funding: regional platforms such as the Schaffhausen Industry & Technology Knowledge Hub (ITS), Swiss Materials and INNO-PACK.NET connect local businesses, accelerate knowledge transfer between companies and develop the capability to innovate within the region‘s businesses.

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