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With a good network, you meet interesting people, discover valuable information and generate new business. Due to Schaffhausen’s compact size and responsive decision-making structures, having a good network helps you achieve a lot.

Networks help with the transfer of knowledge and sharing of experience and can certainly contribute to your success at work. Even though we live in a digital world, networking events to facilitate personal contact are irreplaceable. The Economic Promotion Team is an important part of the business networks around Schaffhausen and also organises a number of networking events itself.

Here you will find an overview of the forums and events organised by the Economic Promotion Team. We would be delighted to show how you can benefit from these by connecting with the local business community. We make it happen, so get in touch.

Other networks within the business community in Schaffhausen include:

  • IVS Industrie- und Wirtschaftsvereinigung Region Schaffhausen (German only): The Schaffhausen Association of Industry & Commerce (IVS) represents the interests and concerns of businesses in the industrial and commercial sectors to local government, other trade associations, political parties and the media.
  • Kantonaler Gewerbeverband Schaffhausen KGV (German only): The Cantonal Trade Association (KGV) promotes the economic and political interests of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) involved in wholesale and retail, healthcare, trade and services sectors.
  • ITS Industrie- und Technozentrum Schaffhausen (German only): The Schaffhausen Industry & Technology (ITS) Knowledge Hub connects tech business in the region, develops their capability to innovate and assists with technology transfer and the launch of new projects. Reflecting its role as a hub and its knowledge and technology transfer activity, ITS is also involved in the development of business clusters.



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